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Stefano Biaggioni

Stefano Biaggioni

One of the reasons I am riding again is because it will be challenging, and I love a good challenge!

But most important, is the fact I have been there already, and being now the fifth year, I know there will be laughing, crying, struggling uphill, sore and stiff muscles at the end of each day, after 100 miles, more or less, and then quality time with teammates and old/new friends.

After all, to participate in this ride is an honor and privilege: the fight against AIDS is in itself a great cause I want to be involved in, and it's my determination to help as much as I can, for how little it might be or seem.

Medications are expensive and medical research is going as fast as money is poured in, that's why I'm counting on your generosity.

I ride in memory of who I lost (although still brightly alive in my heart and thoughts), for my HIV+ friends, wishing for a vaccine RIGHT NOW, and for my nieces and nephews wishing them to read the "AIDS" word only in the historical chronicles.

I am riding more than 300 miles across 4 states towards 1 destination: the end of AIDS... Courage is the force that creates history, and the heart is the power source.

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275 miles, 3 days, 1 Destination - THE END OF AIDS