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Scott Weaver

Scott Weaver

This is my third year to participate in "Cycle for the Cause" but my first year riding with Team Eagle.

I wanted to ride to make a difference and give back to the community. Like so many others, the ride had such an emotional impact on me. I knew that the training and fund raising would be a bit of a challenge but I was looking forward to it and accomplished my fund raising goals. When the riders and crew came together the first morning of the ride, I realized I was a part of something special. The sense of community and support of each person was overwhelming. Every rider and every crew member had their own personal reasons for being there that day but we all had one goal: to raise awareness and funds for all those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Last summer, I had the opportunity to train with several of the team members from Team Eagle. I loved their passion for "Cycle for the Cause" and their commitment for raising funds for all the HIV/AIDS services provided by the Center. I am honored to be riding alongside such a great group of men and women.

I ride for those we have lost. I ride for those that struggle with this disease. I ride 275 miles in 3 days for one goal in mind ... the end of AIDS.

Thank you for supporting me on this journey!

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275 miles, 3 days, 1 Destination - THE END OF AIDS