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Nancy Franklin

Nancy Franklin

I'm no athlete. But I've done one or another version of the ride since the late 90s. Back then, the physical challenge appealed to me, and I didn't personally know anyone struggling with HIV or AIDS.

How much has changed since then. The physical part gets more challenging as time goes on, and the ride and the cause have become much, much more personal. I get on my bike each September to make sure the overworked and loving staff at the Center have the resources they need to care for, protect, and console thousands of vulnerable New Yorkers through another year – some of them my dear friends.

I'm proud to say that dozens of people I know and love have stood behind me, cheered me, and generously sponsored me through all of these rides. We all make it a part of our year, and we all plan to continue down this road until a generation grows up never having heard of this disease.

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275 miles, 3 days, 1 Destination - THE END OF AIDS