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John Nowak

John Nowak

Past, Present and Future

I ride for the memory of the loved ones I have lost. I ride for my loved ones who are currently living with AIDS. I ride for my loved ones so there is a future without AIDS.

In the Gay community "good friends" are actually family. Scott "Scooter" Zera was a member of my family. I met Scooter before he had the virus. He was young, healthy and active. It was difficult for him to tell us when he became infected with the virus. Scooter thought we would be angry and cut him off. We did just the opposite. We loved him and helped him. It was very difficult to watch the disease progress. Scooter had many illnesses. He loved the sun and beach but near the end he could not enjoy them. He had a skin cancer that caused blisters when in the sun. Scooter fought hard, but eventually lost the battle.

I am riding for the memory of Scooter, and I am also riding to help keep the disease from taking more of my family. Currently, too many people have a lazy acceptance of AIDS. It is only with constant and strong education that we will win this battle.

I ask that you help me support all our family and loved ones.

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275 miles, 3 days, 1 Destination - THE END OF AIDS