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David Monberg

David Monberg

Many people told me that "Cycle for the Cause" would change my life. BOY is that the truth. What a year it has been since joining Team Eagle in 2012!

When I first joined the ride, last year, I did not even own a bicycle. I was interested in supporting this cause, The CENTER, and the idea of biking from Boston to NYC was appealing. After months of training, I was able to meet my financial and physical goals. I finished EVERY MILE last year, and also raised over $5000. This year I want to go further. I want to increase my speed, and double my financial goal to $10,000.

Thank you to everyone for believing in me last year, and supporting me generously. I personally know that your money goes to an amazing organization. The Manhattan LGBT Center is a resource for so many living with HIV/AIDs. The CENTER was crucial during the worst years of the AIDS epidemic, and continues to this day. Although research, medication, and longevity has been truly a miracle for HIV/AIDS - much work still needs to be done! New cases of HIV/AIDS are reported every year in the tens of thousands.

On a personal note, a close friend of mine told me this year he was recently diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. He specifically cited the CENTER as a resource he was using for support, counseling, and education. This made me especially proud of the ride, my team, and everyone involved in raising money for "Cycle for the Cause."

The devastating effects of this virus have impacted not only my generation, but many before me. While we are fortunate to live during an era of life saving treatments and medications, there is still enormous work to be done. Many go undiagnosed and untreated, as this incurable virus continues to devastate our community and planet. As I traveled those 280 miles from Boston - NYC I thought of the virus, those we lost, and what still needs to be done. But I also thought of my donors, with a heart of gratitude and appreciation for supporting the cause, and believing in ME! So, THANK YOU.

Hope you can join me once again this year! See you in September at the finish line.

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275 miles, 3 days, 1 Destination - THE END OF AIDS