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Jorge Baron Munoz

Jorge Baron Munoz

This year marks my first year riding for Cycle for the Cause. For the past few years I've been supporting from the sidelines and I've been invited to ride more times than I can count. My boyfriend and I decided it was time to hop on our bikes and actually have a go at this incredible experience every one has been telling us about.

Always up for a good challenge, especially those involving a great cause, I'm hoping Cycle for the Cause will be my first of many more rides to add to my calendar of events to benefit my community. The LGBT Center has been doing amazing work towards helping those with HIV and AIDS, and although we are way better off than we were 30 years ago, we are nowhere near the end.

Until then, there is plenty of work to do and if all it takes is asking people for their support, and riding a few miles (no big deal... right?!), then count me in!

I ride because there is still a need to.

Click here to make a donation in support of Jorge.

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275 miles, 3 days, 1 Destination - THE END OF AIDS